Sunday, April 21, 2013

henry: a sort of warhorse

meet henry.  he's a draft horse who's been through the wringer.  overworked, under-fed, neglected, and lonely.  some good people who cared a lot about his welfare paid the people who did not care about his welfare 10 dollars a day to prevent his imminent slaughter.  now he's in foster care with my good friends stephanie and bill.  soon he will have a real home where he is cared for in the way that he would care for others.  he'll also have back the five hundred or so pounds of weight he is currently missing from those years of struggle.

i don't understand the part of an adult human being who could look a wondrous creature like henry in the his knowing eyes and then decide to starve him.  i'm happily ignorant of that darkness.

here's henry.  say a little prayer for a good future for the man.